Check out the 10 most powerful Androids for June 2020

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19.7.2020 | Check out the 10 most powerful Androids for June 2020

A new global ranking of the TOP10 most powerful Android phones has been published in the AnTuTu Benchmark application. Which brands ranked first in June?

The AnTuTu ranking is compiled every month on the basis of statistics from the Android application of the same name in version 8. In order for the phone to get into the ranking, it is necessary to perform measurements on at least a thousand pieces of a specific model.

The table then shows the average values of all measurements. To make the information as accurate as possible, the company also provides information on the capacity of the operational memory and internal storage.

According to the results, it is clear that the most powerful mobile chipset is currently the Snapdragon 865. It has a total of 9 out of 10 devices on the list.

Oppo Find X2 Pro became the most powerful Android in June. OnePlus 8 Pro finished second and Redmi K30 Pro came third.

Last month, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro was in first place, this time finishing fourth. The only phone without a Snapdragon 865 processor is the tenth Galaxy S 20 Ultra 5G, which uses the Exynos 990.

Every month, AnTuTu also compiles a list of middle-class smartphones. In this table, however, you will find mainly brands and models that are not sold on our market at all.


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