Best email apps for iPhones

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17.9.2020 | Best email apps for iPhones

Today, we will be telling you the (8) best email apps for iPhones.  

1. Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default email app in every iPhone. It is a great app for normal email users, but there will be no features like snooze, instance replies, etc. will be included.

2. Outlook

The Outlook on iPhones is a stark difference of its counterparts on PC and Mac. It is more colorful and has more features.

3. Spike

Spike has the ability to change the emails to a format such as Facebook Messenger by discarding the unwanted and repeated parts like headers and signatures. It will be a lot easier and faster for you to re-read your emails.

4. Airmail

Airmail can support major email accounts such as iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, IMAP, etc. and it’s a great email app for iPhones.

5. Spark

Spark is also a fantastic email app for iPhones with all the functions.

6. Edison Mail

The most notable feature of Eidson Mail is it’s speed and it also has an assistant feature which can automatically sort your emails.

7. Two Birds

Two Birds is also a good app like Spike and can remove unwanted aspects to show your emails in a more clean way.

8. Hey

You will have to pay a 99$/ year subscription fee if you want to use Hey. But it is a fantastic app which include all the features and it will be worth it.


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