Benchmarks Reveals A14 Bionic is better than Snapdragon 888

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25.12.2020 | Benchmarks Reveals A14 Bionic is better than Snapdragon 888

Apple has released an iPhone 12 series about a month ago armed with the newly made A14 Bionic chipsets. Their previously made A13 chipsets are already better than most mobile processors in the market, however the newly released A14 Bionic chipsets have set a new Benchmark record in terms of performance.

According to the numbers, the upcoming Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processors are losing to A14 Bionic chipsets. In the early benchmark results, although Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 has been in the front among the Android devices, compared to Apple’s A14 Bionic, they are lacking in terms of Single and Multi-core performance.

In terms of performance, Snapdragon 888 not only lose out on Apple’s A14 Bionic, but to the last year’s A13 as well. However, it does have some major improvements compared to their Snapdragon 865 which came out last year.


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