Apple's value has exceeded $ 1.5 trillion

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26.6.2020 | Apple's value has exceeded $ 1.5 trillion

Apple was the first American company in history to reach a market capitalization of $ 1.5 billion. This happened after last Thursday's rise in stock prices.

Market capitalization expresses the market value of a joint-stock company and all its issued shares. And it was with this indicator that Apple was the first American company to exceed the $ 1.5 trillion milestone.

At present, the price of one share is around $ 352, with 4.3 billion shares outstanding. At the end of January, the company reached the highest price per share ever, but shortly afterward the world coronavirus pandemic hit and prices fell again.

However, Apple shook quickly after the crisis and the value of shares rose even more and is still growing. It is less than 2 years after the value of this giant exceeded the target of one trillion. Experts estimate that it will exceed the value of 2 trillion dollars within 4 years.

Just behind Apple is Microsoft, followed by Amazon and Alphabet. All four are worth more than $ 1 trillion.

However, the oil market company Saudi Aramco had the highest market capitalization, reaching $ 2.1 trillion last December. Its value is now around 1.7 trillion.


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