Apple wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2030

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13.8.2020 | Apple wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2030

Apple has set a new goal to help fight global warming. Within a decade, it wants to achieve complete climate neutrality.

The American electronics manufacturer has committed itself to a huge step. By 2030, it wants to ensure that its business activities have zero impact on air quality.

Its activities in the USA and other countries should not have any negative impact on our planet within 10 years.

"Apple is already climate-neutral in terms of its global corporate activities, and by 2030, every Apple device sold will have zero climate impact," the company said.

In the coming years, the electronic giant must adjust the production of iPhones, iPads, iMacs and MacBooks so that it does not burden the air. It wants to achieve this by reducing emissions from factories and at the same time planting new trees in nature.

"Climate action can be the foundation of a new era of innovation potential, job creation and sustainable economic growth. We hope that our commitment to climate neutrality will motivate other companies to bring about much greater change," said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.


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