Apple’s total value has exceeded $2 trillion

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30.8.2020 | Apple’s total value has exceeded $2 trillion

Tim Cook has done it again and guided Apple for a record-breaking revenue and profits! The first time was when they exceed the $1 trillion mark over 2 years ago.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has induced hardships for many firms and people alike, the technology companies (especially tech-gadget companies like Apple) are thriving. Because those who still have their jobs won’t be able to spend cash on going out, travelling, etc., they are more likely to spend their money on digital gadgets.

Now that Apple has reached $2 trillion value, this makes it the only company outside Saudi Arabia to reach that mark. For Apple, this is a big accomplishment – during March this year, when the outbreak starts, their stocks go down so low that it reached below $1 Trillion. But they regained their momentum quickly and even exceed the $2 trillion mark last month.


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