Another challenge for Netflix and Disney + on the horizon. HBO Max will start in May

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3.4.2020 | Another challenge for Netflix and Disney + on the horizon. HBO Max will start in May

AT&T, the telecommunications giant, is another strong player in the streaming market. Not long after he bought the TimeWarner Group, he announced the development of a new Internet platform. Its advantage is to be extensive catalogs of film and television studios Warner Bros. and other brands, the best known of which are HBO and New Line Cinema. HBO Max has been selected for the service. In addition to HBO's own content and so-called HBO Originals, it will also offer a large number of other brands' production. The platform is based on the existing HBO Now service. Like competing services, it offers the creation of personalized profiles linked to one user account. You can create an adult or child profile. Each profile can then be individually edited. For a child profile, you can only set a viewing restriction up to a certain rating. HBO Max uses the ratings of the American Film Association and accessibility ratings from television stations. Access to the adult profile can be secured with a PIN code. Each profile has its own main page with the name that the submitter chooses when creating the profile. Unlike other services, HBO Max can combine the profile of an adult and a child viewer to create a merged profile. All you have to do is select both profiles on the start page and the system will start them in the merged mode. As with the previous Disney + competition, here are a few major direct access sections that are broken down by brand or studio. AT&T creators call them "Max Hub". The title page (Max Hubs) is dominated by the title HBO. It is missing in a child profile with limited HBO content. The main service control menu, when invoked, overlaps about half of the current content and is anchored to the left edge of the display. The service also offers the possibility of a user-generated program list for each of the profiles. To add a program to it, simply click on the "Add to my list" command, which will become transparent after activation and the text will change to "Added to my list". Program information cards themselves have a standard form and content, also known from other services.


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