An Error from Verizon has been leaking customers’ personal information

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14.12.2020 | An Error from Verizon has been leaking customers’ personal information

Verizon is currently struggling to fix a bug which has been leaking customer’s detailed personal information through a chat system which helps Verizon’s subscribers to learn if Fios services are available for their location – reported.

Some of the messages viewed by Ars were dated back till June. So, it seems Verizon has been leaking customer’s personal information for months unknowingly. It appears that the personal details were shown when people click on a link to chat with a Verizon representative. Once the chat window opens, it contains transcripts of conversations that other customers have had. The transcripts include full names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc. and other information. 

Ars has learned about the leak on 30 Nov, 2020 and have alerted Verizon representatives immediately and they held off reporting the flaw hoping Verizon would address it in due time. The publication was decided to move forward with the story after noticing that the leak was still ongoing almost a week after its discovery “to alert people who may use the service that this data is being exposed,” according to the report.


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