Amazon wants to introduce payment with just a handprint

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5.3.2020 | Amazon wants to introduce payment with just a handprint

Maybe soon. Amazon is working on a new system that would allow you to pay by tapping your palm.
In recent years, mobile phone payments have spread around the world. Services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are already supported by most banks abroad.

Soon, however, we could postpone the payment of smartphones. All we need is just our palm. This is exactly the future of Amazon, who has now plunged into the world of payment services.

The company patented the technology of contactless biometric identification system as early as 2018. The patent, which was published at the end of last year, describes a system that links biometric data from the palm of your hand and your credit card.

A special scanner can be used for payment, which can read all necessary information from the enclosed hand. In addition, you do not have to put your palm directly on the scanner, the process is completely touch-free and only works with the size of your hand, grooves in your hands or the position of your veins.

The company has even tested the technology in its shops and offices. Before the system reveals to the public, it has to address some security risks.


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