A security firm discovered a new malware CooperStealer

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23.3.2021 | A security firm discovered a new malware CooperStealer

Researchers at the cybersecurity firm Proofpoint have discovered a new malware strain capable of stealing user credentials from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and other online services.

This malware has been given the name CooperStealer by the researchers and it is a password and cookie stealer that is in active development which also contains a download feature that allows its operators to deliver additional malicious payloads to infected devices.

At the same time, the perpetrators behind this malware have used compromised accounts in order to run malicious ads and deliver other malwares to those connected. Researchers noticed the existence of CooperStealer back in July 2019 and during their investigation, Proofpoint analyzed a sample that targets business and advertiser accounts on Facebook and Instagram. It also identified additional versions of the malware which target Bing, PayPal, Tumblr and Twitter.


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