5 tips to keep hackers at bay

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24.6.2020 | 5 tips to keep hackers at bay

Here are some common tips that will keep you from potential threats of Hackers.

1. Install operating system updates & update apps

Most phones and applications get periodic updates along with scheduled security updates.

Developers and experts suggest that it is important to keep one’s phone and applications updated at all times as this allows to automatically fix vulnerabilities constantly found by hackers.

2. Be careful before opening videos & links

Unlike emails where phishing emails are sent to get the user to download a file containing malware or access a malicious link, on phones the threat can come from the messaging platforms of social media applications.

A common method to compromise phones according to security experts is by sending messages on Facebook or Instagram with links that can launch a malware on the phone. Bottom line: “Don’t open any link from an unknown number and entertain SMSes from unknown numbers

3. Install antivirus software

Smartphones are as vulnerable to hacks and breaches as computers. Spending on security software may, therefore, be important especially if a user stores business data on the phone. Security products on Android phones are more important to be installed than even Apple phones,.

4. Don’t download apps from anywhere

Unofficial application stores and websites can harbor malware. For an Android phone, users should download apps from the Google Play Store and download applications from the App Store in case they are iPhone users. However, even in the case of official application stores, users have to be discerning.

Download apps only from verified publishers. On Google framework not every application may be certified, so the user has to practice discerning

5. Regularly back up of data

In the event of a phone theft or the phone’s software corruption, experts recommend a backup of important data over the cloud. The backup is not just restricted to contacts, photos, and videos but should also include text file downloads, notes, and audio recordings, they said.


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